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Become a Team Big Slick sponsored pro!  Get a $5,000 poker tournament bankroll and $6,000 in private coaching for as little as 75 bucks.

Qualifications begin NOW!

Hey everyone.  We have some really exciting announcements to make regarding the new Team Big Slick sponsorships, including new ways that YOU can become a Team Big Slick Sponsored Pro.

First of all, we have had overwhelmingly positive feedback about this program, and we are beyond excited to kick this off.  The enthusiasm we’ve heard from you, our – clients, students, and friends – has inspired us to get this moving, and to start building this team as fast as we can.

Team Big Slick is to be a team of Big Slick Poker Academy students that, through a variety of means, have qualified to be sponsored by Big Slick Poker Academy to kick off their tournament poker careers.  An initial qualification will entitle a team member to the following:

- An initial $5,000 tournament bankroll (50% of all winnings go to the player, 50% to the Academy – no makeup)

- $6,000 in private coaching from a Big Slick Poker Academy instructor

- A press release announcing your induction to Team Big Slick

- Your photo and bio in an upcoming Ante Up Magazine issue

- Two engraved, framed plaque/photos, one to be hung at the Academy, one for your home or office

- Free Team Big Slick pro gear

- Free T.R.A.P. (The Real Art of Poker) gear

- VIP access to special “Team Big Slick Only” events, bootcamps, and outings

- Special benefits (to be announced) from future Team Big Slick sponsors

- An opportunity to increase your bankroll up to $100,000

A share of all Team Big Slick winnings


Yeah, we just added that last one. Pretty cool, huh?  5% of all winnings from Team Big Slick members will be distributed among all Team Big Slick members – and it comes out of the Academy’s share of winnings.  So, if a Team Big Slick member wins, say, $100,000 in an event, $50k will go back to the school, and $5k of that will be divided among all Team Big Slick members.  We decided to add this to encourage Team Big Slick members to support one another, and to strengthen the relationships among our Team members.

We WILL be adding more and more benefits to the Team Big Slick program, as we secure outside sponsors.  Big Slick Poker Academy is invested in your success as a Team member – we want to see you WIN, and will do everything we can to help you along the path to tournament glory.


So, how can you become a Team Big Slick sponsored pro?  We now have five Qualifying Paths available.  We will probably be adding more, so stay tuned, but here’s where we’re at as of today:

1.  Qualifying Path #1:  Attend our Monday Night Team Big Slick Study group, and receive a free entry into the Saturday Round One Qualifier

On Monday nights, from 7PM-9PM, all aspiring Team Big Slick members can attend this study group.  The cost of attendance is $75, and includes an entry into the Saturday Round One Qualifier.  (Or buy an entry into the Saturday tourney, and get the Monday Night course included – same thing).  Winning the Saturday tournaments will earn you points towards a seat in Round 2 (One Round 2 seat given for every 10 entries, see tournament structure sheet for details).  Round 2 will be a single table qualifier, and the winner will receive the full sponsorship package.

Preregister online  at this link for this Saturday’s Round One tournament and get 2,500 bonus chips.


 2.  Qualifying Path #2 (Only 10 available):  Purchase $2,000 in private coaching for $1,000, bypass Round One, and receive an entry into Round Two

The $2,000 coaching package includes a free player skills assessment and coaching session, and ten one-hour sessions with a Big Slick Poker Academy instructor.  You can choose to focus on cash game or tournament play during these sessions, and your coach will develop a personalized curriculum customized to help you take your poker game to the next level as quickly as possible.  The package, including the Round Two seat, is only available to the first ten students who register.  Note: additional discounts are not available for this offer.

Again, there are only 10 of these packages available, and you can either call the school at (972)323-2772 to schedule a time to meet with the instructor, or register online here.  If you plan on getting one of these packages, we suggest you email to reserve it right away, as they are available first come, first served.


3. Qualifying Path #3:  Take a Championship Poker Boot Camp, and win the camp tournament.  August 2nd camp available for discounted price of $1,000!

Our Championship Poker bootcamp is a great way to kick your tournament game into high gear.  The new camp format is now a 12-hour, one-day camp, followed by a tournament for camp participants on Day 2.  Regular tuition for the camp is $2,000, but seats are available for the August 2nd camp for only $1,000!  High Rollers and Lifetime Members can participate in the August 2nd camp for only $500.  One sponsorship will be awarded for every ten camp participants; if your camp does not have ten attendees, you will instead receive a seat in the next scheduled Round Two qualifier. Note: Boot Camp bucks may be redeemed for these camps, but for the special August 2nd discounted camp, a minimum of $500 cash per seat is required.

You can register for the August 2nd bootcamp here.


4.  Qualifying Path #4: Become a Platinum High Roller and get a free entry into every Saturday Round One Qualifer for an entire YEAR.

Yes, you heard that right.  We’re introducing a new Platinum New High Roller program, and PHR students will get a FREE entry into every single Saturday Round One qualifier for the entire year while they’re a Platinum High Roller.  If you’re an existing High Roller student, you can still take advantage of this offer by upgrading to Platinum.  The Platinum High Roller program is $499 per month for a year, includes all the benefits of our regular High Roller program, and gives you up to 48 entries into the Saturday Team Big Slick Round One qualifying tournaments.  Do the math:  That’s $3,600 worth of Round One entry fees.  If you are a High Roller, VIP student, or Lifetime Member, email Sean and set up a time to go over your account, and determine what it will take to get you upgraded to Platinum.


5.  Qualifying Path #5:  Redeem your your Main Event Club points for a seat in a Round One or Round Two qualifier.

Our Main Event Club has been a lot of fun this past year, and many of you have earned well over 1,000 points that you’ve been saving up towards prizes.  Some of you only have a few hundred points.  You earn MEC points by playing in our Sunday main Event Club tournaments, and you also earn one MEC point for every $10 you spend on tuition at the school.

Now, you can redeem these points to get in on the Team Big Slick qualifying tourneys!  150 points will get you a seat into a Round 2 qualifier, and 1,500 points will get you directly into a Round Two qualifier.  We will be sending out updated Man Event Club points totals weekly on Mondays, starting this coming Monday. Look for that email to see what your points total is currently.

More news and announcements will be coming this week about the Team Big Slick program…stay tuned!

What kinds of tournaments will I be playing?

It depends on the size of your bankroll.  Players with an initial $5,000 bankroll will be playing in tournaments with an entry fee of $250 or less.  New Team Big Slick pros will be starting with 30 buy-ins for the Saturday $170 buy-in Deep Stack tournaments at WinStar, and will be given free private coaching weekly to prepare for and evaluate these events.  As your bankroll grows and your sponsorship level increases, we’ll put you in bigger and bigger events, up to $5,000 level WPT and WSOP events.  Any player that achieves over $100,000 in a given year in winnings while sponsored will also be fully sponsored for the following year’s WSOP $10,000 Main Event.

What are my responsibilities as a Team Big Slick poker pro?

These will be outlined more specifically in your Sponsorship Agreement, but they will include things like reporting weekly for coaching, providing receipts for tournament buy-ins, wearing Big Slick Poker Academy gear (and/or gear from our partners) while playing, some minor media responsibilities, and general restrictions regarding behavior while wearing Team Big Slick approved gear.

How do I get started?

Email with TEAM BIG SLICK in the subject, and let us know which Qualifying Path you want to take.  Include your full name, address, and mobile number in the email.  We will provide you with notifications on upcoming events, news and more.

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