Big Slick Poker Academy

Special Coaching Packages

Whether you are a beginner, or an advanced player, you can benefit from getting private coaching. Don’t believe me? Check out “4 Reasons Why You Should Get Coaching From BSPA.”

We are offering coaching at 50% off, just like a lifetime member. For full details click here.

Los Angles Cash Camp CRUSH Course

We will be heading out to Los Angles May 16th and 17th to put on our Cash Camp Crush Course! This is a 16-hour intensive course designed to make you start IMMEDIATELY crushing the games you play in. Give us a call at (972) 323-2772 to get more information and to sign up, and also to get your camp at as much as half off!

This Week at Big Slick Poker Academy

Thursday and Friday April 30th and May 1st: Rebuy Madness with 5 Seats Guaranteed! @ 7pm

The cheapest way to start earning your way on to Team Big Slick!

Full details here.

Monday May 4th: Tournament Final Table Room Review Session @ 7pm: CANCELLED

Sean will not be available this evening to do the class, so we will be doing it next week!

Tuesday May 5th: Cash Game Review @ 7pm

Come join us for a play-by-play discussion of each hand recently played in our exclusive RFID Final Table Room.

Full details here.

Wednesday May 6th: Team Big Slick Coaching – Team Members only!

One of the perks of being on Team Big Slick is getting free private coaching. Get on the team to become a part of these in-depth sessions where we all improve our games to keep the cash flowing in.

Team Big Slick News

Team Big Slick had another great weekend! Four of our team members were able to play this week, three of them cashed, and two made the final table.

There were 133 runners on Saturday, and here’s how our team finished up.

Helen B. bubbled the final table with an 11th place finish and a cash of $499.

Both Logan Y. and Jacob B. made the final final table. Logan ended up busting in 4th place after getting his short stack all in preflop with A8 only to run into AT. His deep run earned him $1,796.

Jacob exited the tournament next in third place. His great showing got him a nice $2,295 payday.


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