Big Slick Poker Academy

What is “Team Big Slick”?

Team Big Slick is to be a team of Big Slick Poker Academy students that, through a variety of means, have qualified to be sponsored by Big Slick Poker Academy to kick off their tournament poker careers. An initial qualification will entitle a team member to the following:

 • An initial $5,100 tournament bankroll (50% of all winnings go to the player, 50% to the Academy – no makeup)

 • $6,000 in private coaching from a Big Slick Poker Academy instructor

 • Guaranteed $750 seats at two Championship Poker Boot Camps, hosted by Gavin Griffin 

 • A press release announcing your induction to Team Big Slick

 • Your photo and team induction announcement in an upcoming Ante Up Magazine issue

 • Two engraved, framed plaque/photos, one to be hung at the Academy, one for your home or office, upon your first win as a Team Big Slick Professional Poker Player.

 • Free Team Big Slick pro gear

 • Free T.R.A.P. (The Real Art of Poker) gear

 • VIP access to special “Team Big Slick Only” events, bootcamps, and outings

 • Special benefits (to be announced) from future Team Big Slick sponsors

 • An opportunity to increase your bankroll up to $100,000

 • A share of all Team Big Slick winnings

Yeah, we just added that last one. Pretty cool, huh? 5% of all winnings from Team Big Slick members will be distributed among all Team Big Slick members – and it comes out of the Academy’s share of winnings. So, if a Team Big Slick member wins, say, $100,000 in an event, $50k will go back to the school, and $5k of that will be divided among all Team Big Slick members. We decided to add this to encourage Team Big Slick members to support one another, and to strengthen the relationships among our Team members.

We WILL be adding more and more benefits to the Team Big Slick program, as we secure outside sponsors. Big Slick Poker Academy is invested in your success as a Team member – we want to see you WIN, and will do everything we can to help you along the path to tournament glory.

So, how can you become a Team Big Slick sponsored pro? We now have five Qualifying Paths available. We will probably be adding more, so stay tuned, but here’s where we’re at as of today:

1. Qualifying Path #1: Attend our Tuesday Night Team Big Slick Study group, and receive a free entry into the Sunday Round One Qualifier

On Tuesday nights, from 7PM-9PM (sometimes Mondays. Check the calendar!), all aspiring Team Big Slick members can attend this study group. The cost of attendance is $75, and includes an entry into the Sunday Round One Qualifier. (Or buy an entry into the Sunday tourney, and get the Tuesday Night course included – same thing). Winning the Sunday tournaments will earn you points towards a seat in Round 2 (see structure sheet for details). The top 10% of Round 2 players (if minimum of ten players reached) will receive the $12,500 Team Big Slick Professional Poker Sponsorship.


2. Qualifying Path #2: Skip Round 1 and get your Round 2 seat as part of our Deal of the Week.

Check the latest blog posts to find the most recent Deal of the Week. A limited number of these deals are available each week.  

3. Qualifying Path #3: Start with our $7.50 Rebuy Madness tournaments to earn your Round 1 Seat

Our Rebuy Madness tournaments are held on Thursdays at 7PM and Saturdays at 1PM.  Check the calendar to see when the next Rebuy Madness tournament is scheduled.

You can register for the August 2nd bootcamp here.

4. Qualifying Path #4: Become a 2015 Platinum High Roller Client and get a free entry into every Sunday Round One Qualifer for an entire YEAR until you win your sponsorship.

If you are interested in upgrading your existing High Roller package to Platinum, please contact Sean to discuss your options.  This path is not automatically open to all persons, instructor discretion will apply.

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